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Connected Classes is about finding ways to teach and learn with the affordances of the web's digital spaces. It’s also about trying to do it in such a way that we co-learn of “the digital” as we learn with and through it.

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If you'd like to be a part of this current round, we'll need to get three sessions done before Christmas (when we'll next all be meeting). If you're not currently teaching but would still like to be involved then we'll work out how, several of us are already doing just that so email me  or tweet me @jonathan_worth


In early 2016 twelve of us from ten different institutions (nine in the UK and one in New Zealand) taught a connected classes using Twitter and blogs in six different disciplines, to classes who’s participants aged from 18 to 85. In June we got together at Open Lab, Newcastle University to share our findings and identify common design principles. The background for that first iteration is archived and as direct results between us we won two institutional awards, two grants and are currently producing three co-authored academic papers.

Who we are

Sarah-Jane Crowson, Hereford College #HCA1chat
Simon Thomson, Leeds Beckett University
Laura Ritchie, Chichester University #MUL316
Kate Green, Horizon CDT, University of Nottingham #PrivacyUG
Grant Scott, Cheltenham University #EAPP1 #EAPP2 #EAPP3
Celia Jackson, University of South Wales #PhotoMat1601 #PhotoMat1602 #PhotoMat1603
Alex McEwan, #TEXTtile
Mark McGuire, Otago University, New Zealand #SCIcom #LTHEchat
Dan Haworth-Salter, Hereford College #p71601
Peter Rorabaugh, Kennesaw State University #TBC
Gabby Hass, Arts University Bournemouth #TBC
James Cole Arts University Bournemouth #TBC
John Hillman, Falmouth #TBC
James Stanfield, SOLE Central, Newcastle University #EDU8213
Andrea Mellen-Birmbaum, #TBC
Maha Bali, University of Cairo #GamesEG
Mark Hall, University of Derby, College of Art, #CCDerby1
Linda Marchant, Nottingham Trent University #PHOTpp3
Assunta Del Buono, Nottingham Trent University #PHOTcp1
Martin Hawksey, Association for Learning Technology #TAGS
Jonathan Worth, Open Lab, Newcastle University: Co-ordinator/ Lead Researcher
Ahmed Kharrufa, Open Lab, Newcastle University: Academic Support
Anne Preston, Kingston Upon Thames : Academic Support
Clement Lee, Open Lab, Newcastle University: Academic Support