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A portrait of the photographer and educator; Jonathan Worth. Jonathan was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and Commerce in 2010 for his influential role in leveraging the social web for photographers. He is the inventor of PHONAR and PICBOD, the World's first open and free undergraduate photography classes and the PICBOD 'Class in an App'. He was made a National Teaching Fellow in 2014 and is currently a Senior Researcher at Open Lab, Newcastle University.

In 2010 I opened my first class out to anyone who wanted to come by and later that year another with my colleague Matt Johnston. It led to tens of thousands of people dropping by over the following years and countless thousands of people seeing our student’s photographs, blog posts and tweeted notes. The whole process was a whole lot of excitement and fun and we were pretty smug that we’d been so clever, right up to the point in 2012 when I was giving a very smug talk about how clever we were and Nishant Shah stood up to ask a question:

“I’m thinking about myself as a 16 year old, the person I was then and am now and I’m wondering about my right to be forgotten. Do your students retain the right to be forgotten? “

Three years later and I’ve done a lot of thinking about my student’s right to be forgotten. I’ve learned a lot about the technological architecture that we use and the people who own it. Together with my students we’ve thought a lot about what the consequences might be of sharing seemingly inconsequential data and how we might mitigate the risks, but who knows if we’re getting it right?

So, lets talk about privacy and trust in open education and lets get Nishant on the job this time.

This “conversation” has taken place over 9 weeks and between participants spread across the globe all with concerns that many of us share around  Privacy, Trust and / or Education. It is licensed CC-BY meaning you can distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon the work, even commercially, as long as you credit the author for the original creation. We’ve chosen this license to enable maximum dissemination.

Jonathan.  (Feb 2015)

The Provocateurs

Cory Doctorow, Audrey Watters, Nishant Shah, Dan Gillmor and Ulrich Boser in Open-Conversation – join us #SpeakingOpenly #OpenEducationWk

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We need to talk …..

Hey I’m Jonathan Worth  and it’d be great to hear your voice in this important conversation about Privacy and Trust in Open Education. Create your own video or audio recording and upload it to Archive.org, Vimeo or Youtube making sure you remember to use the tag #speakingopenly and tweet me the link.

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